stocking stuffer ideas from Unique LA

if you're feeling stocking-stuffer lazy (i.e.your stockings are stuffed with tissue paper to look full, and they stay that way through Christmas), get inspired by our recent visit to Unique LA and keep the stocking tradition alive! this two day event held at the California Market Center features hundreds of indie designers and artists and all of the vendors' products are, dare we say, unique, and made in the USA...as is everything in the Mr. Kate shop! below are our favorite 'unique' finds for stocking stuffers...

  • Sheswai Lacquer make these colorful and eco-friendly gifts. it's earth friendly nail polish!
  • The Motley had our favorite products for men including the Gin Tonic bath salts and we have to throw in the Buckler's Camp Blend 100% soy candle with with notes of California Laurel, Willow, Wild Grass and Blackberry...yum, oops, we mean ooo manly!
  • this is such a cute concept: Seed Money are organic flower and vegetable seeds in the form of money! the hand-drawn coins come in pennies (wildflowers), nickels (heart greens mix), dimes (herb mix), and quarters (salad mix) featuring the phrase "In Soil We Trust."
  • blogger and designer of Oh, Hello Friend makes whimsical rubber stamps that can be used on letters, gift tags, envelopes, the list goes on. we love the display of the stamps in muffin tins! *note to self for organization ideas*
  • Dianne of Di&Q was knitting hats and scarves while wo-manning her station, now that's time management! reminiscent of the chain-like look of our DIY t-shirt scarf, Di&Q's are cozy, handmade, and beautifully colored.
  • last but not least, if your dog happens to have a stocking, you can dress him/her with a Growler Goods poncho. their tagline "bohemian in fur" was enough to have us hooked but then we found they give back to animals in need...and we were sold!!!

...and for more gift ideas from indie designers