vacation nails, vacation toes

i'm going to Hawaii this weekend! i'm so excited!!! joey and i used airline miles and such to get ourselves a little vacay to Maui! i love love love Maui and i can't wait to go lay on my butt in the tropical weather!

since i'm going on vacation i needed vacation nails and toes…duuuh. so here's what i got! as most of you know, i like getting gel manicures for my nails these days, i love that they stay for 2 plus weeks and don't chip with DIYing! (see more of my gel manis here). this time i couldn't resist this rainbow glitter which i put over white so it would go pow! on my toes it's just regular white polish and polkadots!


  • fingers: white gel manicure as a base and OPI's Rainbow Connection glitter gel on top… which they also make in a nail polish!
  • toes: white nail polish with blue, orange, green and yellow polkadots done with regular polish and a small round instrument… a toothpick works great.