vagina jeans

my sister calls these my 'vagina jeans' because they are so low cut you need a bikini wax in order to wear them!

today i avoided the pubic cleavage by simply wearing a hot pink mesh leotard...doy! these are my legit hoochie jeans and they make my ass look "huge" as Ali so kindly pointed out. but hey, whateves, i'm proud of my big and shiny... not so proud of the leotard panty lines however. oh well, i guess my butt wasn't hungry (ewww)!

- redzed jeans, american apparel leotard, h&m cropped sweater worn backwards, my mom's vintage belt, topshop shoes, vintage and Mr. Kate jewelry including Bark Knuckle ring, Twig Stack rings in silver, Buried Treasure band ring, Glow Worm and Twig cuffs, Love Loop necklace brass on gunmetal -