vintage tee curly hair too many necklaces

vintage t-shirts are kinda the best thing since baguettes. i have a trove of them and when in doubt, a vintage tee with just about anything is instantly comfy cool: boyfriend jeans, mini skirt, tights and shorts, blazer over, etcetera. this particular Weirdos tee i had originally bought for joey but have since swiped. it's sometimes an involved process to find the perfect vintage t-shirts; one with the right worn-in softness and graphics. but when you find them, they're gold! my favorite places are Wasteland, flea markets and Jet Rag but i have found one or two winners at the Goodwill, you just have to finely tune your hunting skills.

today i piled on random vintage neck accessories (bow tie, plastic beads, silver rope necklace) with my vintage tee. the second photo is a tiny sampling of the mess that is my vanity table in my bedroom... it's the jewelry and perfume bottle dumping ground... i think i'll organize it soon and do a before and after...i think.