Kate's Take: So You Want to Be a Stylist?

I get a lot of questions from you lovelies regarding what the heck I do at Mr. Kate behind the scenes and how you may do the same thing as a job - either creating your own company and YouTube channel, running your own line of products or how to be an interior designer or stylist? A couple months ago I took you on a behind-the-scenes look at how I shop for interior projects in 'Kate's Take: Come Shop Interior Decor with Me!' and today I'm taking you with me to a PR showroom that represents a bunch of clothing brands so I can do a "pull."

A pull is what professional stylists or bloggers/influencers do when they borrow clothes to wear for photoshoots, videos, events, etc. basically anything that will potentially give the clothing brand exposure makes it worth it for the PR company or clothing brand to loan something. I love pulling and borrowing because it allows me to wear something only once, feature it and then return it, for free! I also get exposed to new brands I've never heard of and get advanced access to collections before they're out in stores. I pull clothes for lookbook shoots, a lot of the book photoshoots (including the cover of A Hot Glue Gun Mess), parties, video and blog content.

Usually I pick out the clothes and take them with me back to the Mr. Kate office and style outfits there but I wanted it to be a one-stop-styling session for this video so I brought a bag of some shoes and basics to Raven Group LA to style with and create three looks. Then Brad and I ventured out around LA to get some street style shots for the blog!

Raven Group features clothes/accessories by RES Denim, Ministry Of Style, Kin/K hats, ELLIAT and Wanderlust + Co.

For another behind the scenes video on blog making, check out: 'Kate's Take: Come Shop Interior Decor with Me!'

Two Tone Denim


Outfit Deets:

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A Boater and A Romper


Outfit Deets:

MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-13 MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-14 MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-15 MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-16MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-11MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-19


Lady in Red...and Blue....and Pink


Outfit Deets:

MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-21MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-22 MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-23 MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-24 MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-25MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-27MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-29MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-26 MrKate_StylingBlogPhotos-30

What do you guys think? Do you want to be a stylist?