We Treat a Fan to a Total Kitchen Makeover!

Being a new home owner can be tough, but being a Creative Weirdo always pays off! Longtime fan Carolina submitted her kitchen and dining area for a makeover since the large cost of moving and setting up a home left that area unable to receive the updates it needed, and we were so excited to help!

First, Carolina had to take the What's My Aesthetic Quiz to determine what style of kitchen we should treat her to. Her results were pretty conclusive: 70% Minimalist, 20% Bohemian, and 10% Vintage/ Eclectic.

Watch the episode above and check out the before and after pictures below for a majorly craveable kitchen!

One of the biggest changes we made was replacing the bulky old fridge with a sleeker counter-depth one. This opened up so much space in an already cozy kitchen.

Carolina had been having trouble keeping her smaller plants and herbs alive because the sunniest areas of the house were also right in the path of her pup! I devised a DIY solution with this vertical garden. Watch the video for the steps!