DIY Layered Curtain Wall

When decorating a room for a YouTuber, there is always an extra level of consideration — the space must not only function for its intended purpose (sleeping, eating, makeup doing) but as a backdrop for filming. What this means is that I need to add in an extra level of depth, pattern, or some dazzling display that will pop on camera.

So, when I recently made over Andrea Russett's guest bedroom, I envisioned, then created this majestic layered curtain wall. I love the way it turned out, and honestly, even if you're not filming, this makes such a statement! I simplified the steps below to make this DIY a little more accessible and less labor-intensive so check it out!

Prep It!:
Double curtain rod bracket
Curtain rods
Multiple colors/ textures of fabric
Fabric glue
Fabric scissors

Do It!:

  1. Secure the double curtain rod brackets to the wall, at the correct distance to correspond with the length of the curtain rods.
  2. Cut your fabric into different size and length pieces. Make sure that some of the pieces are floor length!
  3. Working with the curtain rods hung up, wrap the fabric around the top of the rod and glue it to make a sleeve around the rod. Secure the fabric with safety pins while the glue dries.
  4. Hang smaller layers of fabric on the further out of the two rods, and larger and longer layers on the rod closer to the wall.
  5. When all of your fabric is hung, start fringing your fabric with the scissors. I liked that the fabric would have unfinished edges, giving the wall a more organic feeling.
  6. Finalize your new curtain wall by building a cornice around the rods. You can use this tutorial for the steps, adjusting the measurements to the rods you're working with.

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