Stay creative, stay weird, stay you!



The name Mr. Kate was born out of the desire to have a playful/quirky juxtaposition of norms and was a way to have people think twice, illustrating that the ethos of creativity is usually found on the other side of convention.


We are proud of our products and create them from the ground up with love, ensuring that each product is not only beautiful, helpful, affordable and durable.


Everyone has an inner Creative Weirdo, and every version is wonderful, but it’s unique to each individual and we want to help unlock that spark in you so that you can create an environment that makes your soul happy.

What's our why?

Everyone deserves a home that celebrates their sense of self, regardless of status or budget. We provide the inspiration, techniques and products for people to MAKE HOME their favorite place!

Currently, the Mr. Kate YouTube channel is the top interior design channel on the platform, with 4 million subscribers, 500 million+ views, and over 5 billion minutes of content consumed. As a result of their channel’s success, they recently had an HGTV special and are Webby, Streamy, and Shorty Award nominees and winners. Kate and Joey continue to be the most highly sought-after interior design team for YouTube’s top talent, and inspire their followers, the #creativeweirdos, to live the “Because, Why Not?” lifestyle.

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