bed head challenge: 3 quick and easy hairdos

Watch the video above to see my 3 go-to hairdos for when I oversleep and have to quickly tame my bed head. I only wash my hair every 3 days or so because otherwise it gets too dry so I use these hairdos often when I'm dealing with 1/2/3 day dirty hair.


Yeah, this Bed Head Challenge doesn't include Joey's hair remedy buuut he does look pretty cute with his freshly-out-of-bed hair do!


These are the three fast and easy hairstyles featured in the video above and also see the steps below!


The hair and makeup tools I used for all three hairstyles: round and teasing brushes, hair dryer, wand curling iron, smoothing balm, spray bottle, dry shampoo, lipstick, bronzer, etc.


Hairdo #1 Messy Waves: I used a moisturizing cream to smooth out the frizz and then curled the top layer of my hair (because that's what shows) using the wand curler and wrapping the curls away from my face.





Hairdo #2 60's Inspired: For this second look you'll need a teasing brush, bobby pins, a blow dryer, spray bottle with water and a round brush...


DO IT by first teasing the hair at the crown of your head to give you some oomph.


Then, pull back the top couple layers of your hair, leaving a couple sections at the front to frame your face, creating a half up/half down part and bobby pinning it in place behind your head. Make sure to not pull too tight so you flatten your teased bump and use the bobby pins to help reinforce the lift in your hair. Hairspray helps set this step in place.


Wet the two chunks near your face with the water spray bottle and blow dry using a round brush to create a polished finish with a little flip at the ends.




Hairdo #3 Slick and Messy Bun: I do this do when my hair is too greasy to evey try and wear down. The tools you need for this look are a hair tie and a brush or a comb, some dry shampoo if your hair is greasy, hairspray and a pop of color lipstick.


Use a comb or brush to get all your hair up into a tight ponystail and on your last pull through the elastic, leave enough length sticking under the elastic to make it a bun. Wrap the loose ends of your hair around the bun making it look a little messy and also covering the elastic. Tuck the ends in (or maybe secure with a bobby pin). Spray to set.


Finish with a coat of bright lipstick and yayerr!



Quick and easy and we're ready to go!


Smile Joey!

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