Blue Eyeliner and Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

One of the best parts of makeup is that it can help you transform and redefine features you've always been insecure about or unsure of. Over your freckles? There's concealer for that! Want some freckles? Well, there are BeautyMarks for that! As for me, I've always wished my eyes weren't brown, as I felt restricted from trying out some of the wilder or more colorful beauty looks that I figured just looked best on blue- or green-eyed gals. Well no more of that attitude!

In this tutorial, I experimented with the new Knock Out Beauty collection and created a smokey eye with an electric blue eyeliner accent that looks pretty damn phenomenal on brown peepers and would look just as cool on blue or green! Speaking of peepers, put yours on the video above and the step-by-step instructions below to recreate this equal-eye-color-opportunity look for yourself!

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Prep It:

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Do It!:

  1. Prep your lids with eyeshadow primer, and set it with a dusting of luminescent powder using a fluffy brush.
  2. Start your smokey eye by applying a base of a bone colored shadow all across the lid. Use a small eyeshadow brush to apply a light brown shadow in the outer corners and crease of your eye. Use a small flat brush to carry the light brown shadow underneath your eyes.
  3. Use a small domed brush to apply a darker brown eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes. Bring it in to about halfway through your crease. You want to keep the darker colors on the outside of your eyes. Carry the dark brown shadow under your eyes as well.
  4. Use a light shade of shimmery beige from the inner corners across the tip of your lids as a highlight. A great tip I use it to wet the brush to make the pigment even more powerful and shimmery, really creating that light-catching look. Swipe some highlighter under your brow bone, as well, to open up the eye space!
  5. Use a black eyeliner kajal to line your upper lids and create a cat eye. Don’t worry if the tip isn’t too sharp, because you can use concealer to clean it up afterwards. Set the black eyeliner with some black eyeshadow, to keep it nice and dark and in place.
  6. Now that your cat eye is complete, you can fill in your smokey eye with more of the lighter brown and darker brown shadow if you choose!
  7. To really give those eyes their colorful pop, apply the blue eyeliner to your lower waterline and extend it to the lower lid with a smudge brush.
  8. Pump up your upper and lower lashes with some black mascara, adding in false lashes for emphasis and flair if you like!
  9. Cover up any fall out from the eyeshadow with concealer and set with powder.
  10. Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil and use a comb-like brush to feather the shade in, giving your brows a natural look.
  11. Use a large fluffy brush to apply some bronzer under your cheekbones, on your forehead, and on your neck to add some dimension and warmth.
  12. Now, finish the look with a sheer, shiny lipgloss and you’re good to go!
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