caught without make-up

when i was in 5th grade, i remember watching one of the junior high school girls putting on her make-up in the school bathroom. i just gazed in awe because i wasn't yet allowed to wear make-up and hadn't really experimented with the daily application of modern-lady-face-paint. when i expressed my desire for a little taste of mascara to said junior high gal, she replied with some wise words that i have not forgotten to this day; "don't start wearing make-up unless you have to; it will change the way you see yourself and all of a sudden you will feel ugly without it. it's addictive!"

the next year, in 6th grade, i snuck some mascara from my mom and wore it to my school picture day. i felt fantastic. when we got our photos back a few months later my best friend Lucy said, "wow, you look so pretty!" i felt like a fraud. the wise junior high girl's words were ringing in my ear. i felt that the only reason my school pictures turned out well was because i had made a pact with the devil known as Lancome! i took Lucy aside and quietly told her the harsh truth, "i wore mascara that day, that's why my photos look so good."…oh, the injustice!

there is some truth to what that wise junior high gal said, don't you think!? we girls put make-up on and all of a sudden have seemingly larger, more expressive eyes, smoother skin, fuller lips, a rosy complexion…but it's masquerade! (or should i say mascara-ade)!... don't get me wrong, i love make-up, i apply it pretty much every day if i'm going out in the world for business, to meet friends, etc. but sometimes i like to challenge myself and have a day without it…see if i can still hold my head high with no mascara or concealer on - and still feel beautiful but most importantly, feel like myself.

what do you ladies think about make-up? are you addicted?

the above photos i have no make-up on, not a stitch.. see my tiny eyes!?

- the shark tooth and crystal ring are by Adina Mills, all the rest is Mr. Kate including the Dreamcatcher Lattice Ring and Neon Braid Rope, flea market hat -

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