Come Travel with Me to the Tropics

It's always nice to see your family for the holidays. It's even nicer if your family happens to be in a tropical climate ... say Florida, or the Bahamas. Such were the serendipitous circumstances Joey and I found ourselves in late December. We booked a flight east, arrived in Fort Myers, Florida to see Joey's family with all the grace and mild manners of a hurricane, and then shimmied across the Atlantic to ring in 2016 with my Dad, Tess and her bf Palmer at Baker's Bay in the Bahamas. But in case this is all sounding a little too idyllic, let's not forget it's ME we're talking about. In addition to sun and sand and family bonding, this trip also had bar fights, twerking, and maaaaaybe a little drunk karaoke. Kardashians, eat your hearts out!

Press play above to watch it all go down, and check out snapshots of the vacation below!

Also the house in the Bahamas is so gorgeous it needs its own video tour and post which is coming soon! Stay tuned!

mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-18 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-14 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-19



Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-12 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-24 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-27 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-40


mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-26 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-31 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-29

mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-41 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-54 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-52


mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-51 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-53 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-48 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-49 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-8 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-65


Swimsuit from Nasty Gal - similar style here



mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-3 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-6 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-13mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-7

mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-22 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-15 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-34 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-37 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-39 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-60 IMG_0824mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-50 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-28 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-24mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-20 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-9 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-17 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-59 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-45mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-64 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-38 mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-21mrkate_florida_bahamas_blog_-2

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

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