deep dish cupcake pizzas

so i have to give Joey credit for this recipe because he was in charge of making dinner the other night and he often gets experimental, which i love! so when he set these little (vegan) deep dish pizzas in front of me, that he had made in the cupcake tin, i had to laugh, and then taste, and then go 'yum' and then take a picture so i could blog it for you all!

Deep Dish Cupcake Pizzas (vegan)

What You Need:

  • pre-made pizza dough - we love the whole wheat one from Trader Joe's
  • jar of tomato sauce
  • stuff to snazz up your sauce: onions, garlic, olives, red pepper flakes, etc.
  • Daiya cheese - or other vegan cheese of your choosing (can be made vegetarian with regular cheese)
  • olive oil
  • spices: oregano, salt, pepper
  • a cupcake/muffin pan
Do It:
  1. pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees.
  2. in a sauce pan over medium heat, saute some onions, garlic, olives, peppers, etc. in a sploosh of olive oil - whatever you have around to snazz up your sauce as it will be a big part of these little pizzas so you want it very flavorful!
  3. once your snazz has softened, add your sauce to heat and mix with the snazz.
  4. using some more olive oil, grease the insides of your cupcake pan and rip pieces of dough to line each cupcake compartment to create your 'crust'. remember to leave a little cavity for the sauce and cheese in the center so the dough to sauce/cheese ratio is muy bueno - really, you're just lining the bottom and sides of the cupcake compartment. if your cupcake tins are deep - you may only want to fill them halfway.
  5. spoon sauce in each dough-lined tin and sprinkle with cheese. optional: garnish with oregano, salt and pepper…oh, and red pepper flakes!
  6. bake your pizzas for 25 to 30 minutes until the crust is cooked though and your cheese is melted to perfection!
  7. cool and eat while watching a good movie!

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