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I love fringe! It adds movement and a bohemian flair to any accessory or article of clothing. In the video above I show you how to easily update a blah messenger bag into a fringe-tastic computer bag. See below for more photos on how to get the fringe look I did on the smaller purse. And don't forget to check out the brand new Elsie Collection!

If you do this project please post photos with #mrkate on Instagram or twitter and tag us on Facebook so I can see your creations! Fringe up your wardrobe, because...WHY NOT?

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For another fun bohemian bag DIY check out: 'DIY Boho Antique Chain Bag'


Prep It:











Do It! (small purse):

  1. Cut around 1/2" strips of pleather in your desired fringe length and tie knots in one end of each strand
  2. Use your dart awl to poke holes in your purse, try to keep the holes evenly spaced.
  3. Thread your pleather strips through the holes in your purse with the knotted end acting as your stopper (the knots will live on the inside of your purse so you won't see them). TIP: I turned my purse inside out to make it easier to thread through the holes since the purse also had a lining.
  4. Secure your knots with a little dab of hot glue on the inside of your purse
  5. Optional: cut your fringe pieces in half again to double the amount of tassel!
Do It! (video messenger bag):
  1. Cut your pleather into panels hat fit the width of your bag. I layered mine starting with a two inch piece and making each subsequent piece an each bigger than the next.
  2. Turn your panels into fringe panels but cutting up the width, about every 1/4 inch and stopping about 1/5 inch from the top so all the pieces stay connected.
  3. Layout your fringe panels on the front and back of your bag before you start hot-gluing, make sure the longer pieces go down first and layer shorter and shorter panels on top. Glue in place. I used one short panel on the underside of the bag flap and two more on the base of the front. Then 3 more panels on the back of the bag. TIP: If your pleather has a different back color, glue two fringe panels together so the back doesn't show when you see the back panels from the front.
  4. Done! Shake it, shake shake shake shake it like a fringe bag!








Outfit Deets:

DIY Outfit:

Fringe Bag Outfit:

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