DIY autumn moon nails

It's autumn and I can smell it in the air….you know when that happens? I love it. Anyways, I got inspired by the change of weather to do this DIY Autumn Moon manicure using moon nail art charms and a mauve color that reminded me of the season. I used gel manicure supplies, which I detail below, but if you're partial to regular polish I also wrote in the alternates in the supplies and DO IT sections. If you're wondering what my strange white gloves are, I recently started using them to protect my skin under the UV ray gel manicure light…just cuz I'm paranoid…. so don't mind the 80's mime look below...

Speaking of moons… check out the Moon and Malachite bracelet in the Fall collection!

Prep it: DO IT:!
  1. Prep your nails for gel polish and paint your base coat - see my Basic Gel Manicure tutorial - **if you don't want to use gel polish, you can use regular polish but you will need nail glue (or super glue) for the charm and a few thick coats of top coat to seal in the design.
  2. Paint your nails your base color - I used a mauve/rose color
  3. Paint a coat of structure gel and place your moon charm with your tweezers and cure the coat (if using regular polish glue the charm on with nail glue)
  4. Do the same process in step 3 with your steel balls on the fingers you want "stars" and use the rhinestone picker to pick up and place the balls… you could also try sprinkling them
  5. Paint a thick layer of structure gel over your nail art to seal in the design and cure under the light - you may want two coats (if using regular polish paint multiple coats of a clear top coat)
  6. Finish off with a top coat for a shiny moon and stars!

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