DIY elegant bead garland


Garlands are an easy way to add a festive flare to a mantle, wall, headboard, bookcase, table centerpiece and so on! I wanted our garland to be super elegant and classy this year so I kept my color palette limited to a nice gold/champagne color. The bohemian looking beads give it a casual elegance and the randomly placed paper stars ties it in with the DIY Star Tree

Also see the DIY Cursive String Ornament for a simple and personal ornament.



Prep It:







MrKate_DIY_beadedgarland_-9 Do It!:
  1. If the beads are in a closed loop like a necklace cut it in a spot so you're left with an open strand.
  2. Tie a piece of twine around the ends of two strands of beads to connect them - you'll want a strand about twice as long as your mantle so you can have enough slack to make a swoop.
  3. Attach the ornaments with the strings they come with or use another piece of twine to tie them on. I found that it worked better do attach the ornaments when the beads were already up on the wall. It's easier to perfect the placement.
  4. Attach the command strips where you want to hang your garland, placing the hooks ~8"-12" apart. Follow instructions on your command strip package.
  5. Loop the twine end around a hook to get started and let it drape to the next one. Cover up the hook with a cluster of ornaments either tied to the beads with twine or attached to the hook directly if there is enough room. I chose to double up the beads so there are two strands hanging between each hook.
  6. OPTIONAL: I added some of my starbursts from my DIY Star Tree for cohesian and also help cover up some of the hooks and tied twine connecting the strands of beads. I used doubled over painter's tape to attach the stars to the beads and the wall.



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