DIY bling organizers


I have these two paper organizers in our office that don't match. They're both from Ikea but one is wood and the other cardboard, blah blah. I wanted to find a way to unify them so I didn't get annoyed seeing them next to each other in their non-matchy-ness and my prayers were answered when I happened upon this roll of bling at the craft's store. This bling sheet is made of little metallic silver circles in a mesh like fabric that from far away look like rhinestones (which I love). It's usually kept in the wedding section at the craft store but you can also buy it online here for around $11. For more fun label ideas see DIY Glitter Labels.

This project is an inexpensive and easy way to add some glam to your organizers. I love the result!...but I still hate paying bills.

blingorganizer_mrkate_supplies Prep It:
  • vertical paper organizers
  • roll of bling ribbon
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • labels
  • scissors and marker
blingorganizer_mrkate_cut_1 blingorganizer_mrkate_glue_1 blingorganizer_mrkate_glue_2 blingorganizer_mrkate_glue_3 blingorganizer_mrkate_process_3 blingorganizer_mrkate_process_2 blingorganizer_mrkate_process_1 blingorganizer_mrkate_4 DO IT!:
  1. Measure your bling sheet to the face of your organizer and cut it to size using scissors.
  2. Hot glue the piece of bling to the front - careful, the glue likes to seep through the cracks so don't get burned!
  3. Write on your labels using your marker and glue them to the front of each organizer - I loved using the paper hang tags with the thread still attached.
  4. Organize and feel glamourous! Shishi, bling bling daaaahhhhling


blingorganizer_mrkate_2 blingorganizer_mrkate_5 blingorganizer_mrkate_3

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