DIY Beautiful and Easy Flower Arrangement


Florist quality floral arrangements are possible when you have no prior flower arranging experience! The secret? Tape and giant leaves! The leaves are used to line the vase and cover the tangle of stems and the tape creates a grid to follow and hold up your flowers for the perrrrfect look!

Some of the flowers used were from the to-your-door flower delivery service which delivers cut flowers that you can arrange however you like.

For the video how to on this project and two other Valentine's present ideas check out: 'DIWhyNot: Valentine's Gifts'

MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-26 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-10 Prep It: MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-11 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-12 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-13 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-14 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-15 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-16 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-17 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-18 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-19 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-20 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-21 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-22 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-23 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-25 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-27 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-30 Do It!:
  1. Depending on your vase, either cut the leaf at the stem or in the mid section leaving enough room for the leaf to line the entire inside perimeter of the vase. Cutting above the thick stem will make it easier to mold the leaf to the shape of your vase.
  2. Line the inside of the vase with the leaves and fill with water - about two inches from the top of the vase.
  3. Tear pieces of scotch tape a little longer than the width of your vase and tape your grid - I tore the tape in half to have skinnier pieces so my flowers could group closer together.
  4. Tear or cut off any leaves or excess foliage on your flowers and trim the stem to the height of your vase.
  5. Insert a flower inside each square of your grid - start in the middle and build out - Think of a globe like shape as you start shaping your bouquet and use the appropriate flowers to fill in and overlap the sides to cover the little tab of tape.
  6. Done! Gift to a lover or enjoy for yourself! xo
MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-28 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-29 MrKate_DIWhyNot_Valentine'sGifts-45

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