DIY Car Wash Skirt


I know, I know — the words "car wash" typically do not invoke images of glamour. Unless you happen to think the height of chicness is a freshly washed and waxed vehicle, car washes are probably just another location on a long list of weekend chores (ones you'd rather not be doing so you can kick back and binge watch OMG We Bought A House.)

But hear a girl out! While devoid of obvious glamour, car washes are full of movement. I like to always have an unexpected aspect to all of my outfits, and a skirt that twirls and swirls like the soap-lathered panes in a drive-thru car wash certainly has that edge. As seen recently on E! News, this tutorial will take you through the steps that will have you swinging and swishing and showing off your legs in no time!

For another skirt DIY, check out DIY Hi-Low Skirt.


Prep It:

skirtfabric scissorsmeasuring tapefray gluefabric chalk

MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-2 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-3 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-4 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-5 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-7 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-8 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-9 Do It!:
  1. Put on your skirt and mark how high up you want your car wash flaps to come.
  2. Take off the skirt and line up side seams so the skirt is lying flat on your work space.
  3. Measure out your flaps and mark them with some chalk. My flaps were 5" wide. TIP: I used the pattern of the skirt to cut my strips in straight lines, but you can use the chalk to draw straight lines all the way up the skirt if that's easier.
  4. Cut along the chalk marks all the way around your skirt.
  5. To prevent fraying, seal the edges with the fray check glue.

MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-12 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-13 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-14 Still can't get enough? Check out the segment I did about Car Wash Skirts on E! News!

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