DIY coffee pot succulent terrarium

my dear friend Alex made me this adorable succulent in an old coffee pot and i love it! i've had it now for months and it's still going strong. Alex is the expert on succulents, so i nagged him for the details on how he created this set-up so that i could share them with all of you!

succulents are totally user friendly. i'm forgetful sometimes when it comes to watering indoor plants but the good thing about succulents is you only have to water them once a month in the winter and once every two weeks in the summer - and never more than a shot glass of water.

Prep It:

  • cute glass container - like a coffee pot!
  • some small rocks - enough to cover the bottom of your container
  • some crushed charcoal - enough to spread about half an inch thick in your container.
  • a small bag of potting soil
  • small succulent(s) from your local nursery - there are so many different kinds to choose from!
  • optional: decoration like marbles, sea glass, sea shells, etc.
  1. place the rocks at the bottom of your container.
  2. cover the rocks with a layer of charcoal about a one half to and inch thick.
  3. sprinkle a little potting soil on the charcoal and then place your succulent's roots in the soil. sprinkle in a little more to secure the plant in the soil.
  4. place your decorations on the soil and around your plants for some fun touches.
  5. care: water your succulent once per month in the winter, with no more than a shot glass of water, focusing on the roots. in the warmer seasons, water once every two weeks.

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