DIY colorful pastel chalk tips hair tutorial

it's true, i did not create the technique of chalking your hair (chalk tips) but i have wanted to try it for a long time thus, i figured i should do it on camera for you guys! i love how it turned out and i felt like a mermaid...which is kind of a lifelong dream of mine.

DIY Colofrul (Pastel) Hair Tips Using Soft Pastels AKA Fancy Chalk

Prep It:

  • get soft pastels from the art store or online - i used pastel colors by Sennelier
  • if you're brunette or have black hair, a spray bottle with water
  • hair spray - optional to seal color
  1. take about a half inch piece of hair and twist the ends
  2. *if you're brunette, have black hair or dark red hair, spray the ends with your water bottle to moisten.
  3. use the chalk to dispense the pigment up and down the area of hair you want colored
  4. shake off the excess chalk (PS - wear something old while you're chalking in case any falls and stains).
  5. optional: seal in with hairspray - i didn't do this step and the chalk stayed really well and didn't get on my clothes at all!

for another temporary color tips solution - check out my DIY Colorful Tipped Clip-in Hair Extensions post!

My Outfit:

  • shorts forever 21
  • tank forever 21
  • lace/chiffon tie top Topshop
  • shoes Topshop
  • jewelry is a mix of Mr. Kate and vintage

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