DIY costume: mermaid

hey hey hey, it's Kailea! i feel like i haven't done a post in sooo long! with Halloween right around the corner, i wanted to give you guys some inspiration with a fun DIY mermaid costume i did last year! What You Need: 1. scissors 2. seashells (craft store) 3. pearl-like pieces (can be found in the scrapbooking section of any craft store) 4. any sea color spandex fabric (local fabric store or use what you have in your closet!) 5. needle and thread 6. green and blue glitter eye shadow as well as shades of purples non-glitter eye shadow 7. hot glue gun 8. plain hair barretts (optional) 9. eye lash glue 10.fake eyelashes (optional) Do It! the mermaid dress: 1.measure the spandex fabric around your body sinching where you would want the fabric to be sewn in the back. it will create kind of a fin-like appearance going down the middle of your back all the way to your tooshie!. Cut the fabric as short as you would like it. sew it up! no hemming involved! this doesn't have to be perfect! 2. start hot gluing seashells wherever you like on the dress! voila! that was easy! the makeup: 1. the neck: i got these adorable pearl-like scrap booking pieces from Michaels and created a sea of the coming down my neck! lay them out and picture how you would like them to stick to your neck. using eye lash glue, glue them in place. 2. the eyes: i started using a light purple to cover my top lid of my eye then followed it with the green and blue sparkely eye shadow on the outside of my eyes. I applied some mascara and also attached my false eyelashes. optional: hair barretts 1. i used some of the seashells and small starfish that i snagged from Michael's and glued them to the plain hair barretts and created sea-life for my hair! here is the final product! good luck! xo kay

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