DIY decoden frames for father's day

this is the third Father's Day DIY i did for my Access Hollywood Live appearance - check out the other two: Instant Art Frame and Massage Roadmap T-shirt!

these are a twist on the Decoden Phone Cases i did in this video tutorial. i interpreted the technique to decorate frames because i thought this would be a fun personalized gift a kid could make for their dad on Father's Day! you can use white silicone and girly doo-dads if you're a girl, or black silicone and toy soldiers, cars, sports stuff, etc. if you want to make it more boyish.

i also made this very girly (and ice creamy) phone case for my sister!

Prep It:

  • plain frame - get them cheap from thrift stores or bargain stores
  • a tube of 100% silicone caulking - if you get the industrial sized large tube also get a caulking gun so you can easily dispense it.
  • a cake frosting tip - i like the star tip - this is optional because you could just layer it on and spread it with a pencil or chopstick like it did in this video.
  • duct tape - to tape your frosting tip to your tube
  • various decorative or kawaii ('cute' in Japanese) pieces to decorate your frames! i love the ones off Etsy or they also sell them on Ebay. for the boyish embellishments, just check out the toy section at Kmart or the drug store for: toy cars, toy soldier, leggos, sports stuff, etc.
  • scissors
  • pointy instrument
DO IT!: i highly recommend watching this video tutorial so you can see how i decorated the phone cases, which is the same technique i used for this project.
  1. prep your tube of silicone by snipping the tip and puncturing the inner foil layer with your pointy instrument.
  2. tape your frosting tip over the tip of the silicone and use duct tape to hold it in place.
  3. if you're using an industrial tube of silicone, use a caulking gun to dispense the silicone from the container.
  4. in a well ventilated area, go to town on your frame making it look like it's totally frosted with silicone. **if you're doing this with kids, make sure they know NOT to put the silicone in their mouths.
  5. place all your decorations on your wet silicone frosting wherever you'd like.
  6. dries in about 3 hours!

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