DIY decorate: painted leaves

natural elements are so wonderful to use in interior decor. it brings an organic, homey feeling and rarely can you find anything as beautiful as things found in nature! these DIY painted leaves that our own 'Content Creatress' Emma made are the perfect mix of organic and metallic - two things that influence the Mr. Kate jewelry designs a lot too!. how amazing does just one of these look or imagine a series of framed leaves down a hallway or in a bedroom! love!

want more decor ideas using leaves? try making a large scale DIY Art From Nature piece for your interior decor.

Prep It:
  • frame
  • metallic acrylic (craft) paint
  • paint brush
  • large heavy book (the heavier the better)
  • large leaves
  • paper backing - could be plain white or patterned, colored, etc.
  1. press the leaves by putting them between the pages of the large book
  2. to make the process go faster, you can add extra books on top for weight! - you could dry and press your leaves like this (the old fashioned) way by leaving them in the book for about a week or try drying them quickly in the microwave like this and then pressing them flat in a book for a couple hours.
  3. paint the leaves with your paint color using light brush strokes as not to rip the leaf. tip: you can hold to stem as you paint for stability. start out in the middle of the leaf and paint outwards toward the table
  4. give it an hour to dry, then cut off the stem. tip: frame the leaves asap after the paint is dry so the paint doesn't cause them to curl.
  5. pick your favorite frame and put the leaf in it with your paper backing. hang on the wall or display on a surface. try hanging a series of these above your bed! soooo peaceful!

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