DIY Dip-Dyed Macrame Rainbow

Well what do you know, with no knotting, weaving, or any advanced technique, I macra-made this perfectly bohemian rainbow wall decor for a very special girl's room. It looks store-bought, but I promise, is quite simple to assemble! Check it out in the video here, and see the supplies and steps below!

Prep It!:

Wood rainbow-shaped cutouts (if you aren't able to cut wood, very sturdy cardboard could do!)
Thick rope
Wood glue
Pink dye
Purple dye

Do It!:

  1. Cut out your arched rainbow shapes from either wood (using a jig saw) or cardboard (using scissors). Make one larger shape and one smaller shape that can nestle into the larger one.
  2. Lay your rainbows down and start laying down the rope over the shapes, starting at the bottom of the smallest arch. Cut the rope, leaving about 1-2 feet of excess rope at the bottom of each arch — this will later be unraveled and dyed!
  3. When you've laid out and cut all of your rope pieces, carefully move them from the wood shape and cover its surface with wood glue. Reassemble the rope over the wood and apply light pressure to adhere. Once you've completed this process for each shape, let them dry.
  4. Once your glue has dried, start unravelling the ropes at the bottom of the rainbows. I chose to use a strand to tie off and secure the pieces at the point where the unravelling met the wood board, so as to prevent further fraying.
  5. Prepare the dye according to the instructions on the packaging. When all of your ropes have been unravelled, dip the bottoms into the dye. You can get creative with how you dye! I chose to intermix purple and pink on both sides, but you could do a gradient, or purple leading into pink, or any number of variations!
  6. Let your dyed rope dry. If you want to trim the bottoms, wait until the rainbows are hung on the wall, so you can see how much or little length you'd like!

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