DIY Christmas/ holiday fabric flower wreath

i love this fabric flower wreath - it's seriously so easy to make and looks like poinsettias! the other great thing is that it will last and last. i did this DIY for Better TV and KCAL 9 news. click on the links to watch the video segments!

DIY Fabric Flower Wreath Prep It:
  • plain wreath shape from craft store - we used a faux evergreen wreath but you could use a dried vine wreath, a foam one or even a piece of carfboard cut in a wreath shape!
  • red fabric - or any other fabric color you like. i prefer using 100% cotton fabric - not a jersey, just a flat woven cott0n like a sheet.
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
Do It: the fabric flowers i made for this wreath are similar to the ones i made for the Fabric Flower Headpiece which i did a video for - if you want more visual instructions please watch it here!
  1. cut fabric into different sized squares ranging from 2"x 2" to 4" x 4"
  2. take one square and put a dot of hot glue in the center and squeeze the fabric around the glue dot to create a a little "wonton" looking fold.
  3. take another piece of fabric and place a dot of hot glue in the center and put your first wonton shape in the center of the second square and squeeze again - you're essentially layering the petals.
  4. repeat step 3 with another square so you have 3 squeezed wonton flowers layered as one - this will make them look full
  5. glue your flowers onto your wreath shape. alternate the size of flowers to get a more organic look. i got an asymmetrical look by using large flowers (made from 4" x 4" squares) in the upper part and filling in the rest of the wreath with smaller flowers.
  6. once full and lovely, hang it on a door or wall or use as a centerpiece! happy holidays!

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