DIY pocketed picnic blanket


Functional and fun this DIY is... not sure why I'm talking like Yoda but the point is, this DIY Pocketed Picnic Blanket/Functional Festival Blanket (we couldn't decide what to call it) is perfect for Coachella or any picnicing needs. Wind won't be blowing your blanket away because with these pocketed corners, you can organize your stuff and keep those corners weighed down and your stuff organized! this I do.

aafestival-blanket-10 aafestival-blanket Prep It:
  • picnic blanket (I got this one from Bed Bath and Beyond)
  • fabric for your pockets - I used a stretchy bathing suit fabric to make the pockets expandable
  • hot glue gun
  • fabric hot glue sticks
  • scissors
aaafestival-blanket-2festival-blanket-3 festival-blanket-4 festival-blanket-5 DO IT!:
  1. Cut four triangle shapes for each corner of your blanket - remember to leave a couple extra inches for seam
  2. Start at the corner point of your blanket and hot glue your fabric face down then fold back to create a clean fold over instead of a raw edge - you can trim the excess if you have a rounded corner like mine.
  3. Continue gluing up the sides of your blanket away from the corner, folding over as you go to create a clean folded edge. Tip: in order to make a clean corner you might have to create extra folds and glue them neatly in place. Practice first to get a clean look before you glue it down permenantely.
  4. Pack it away with the rest of your festival gear and enjoy!

Don't forget to order your Mr. Kate Beauty Marks and jewelry in time for festivalness!


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