DIY floral headpiece

my friend Natalie at Racked LA asked me to do something a la floral headpiece for Racked LA's 'wedding week.' i thought it was the perfect opportunity to test out my fabric flower DIYs that i've been meaning to try and make my own eco-friendly, upcycled, floral headpiece or 'crown', if you will. - it is more eco friendy to use faux flowers - read more here.

i used an old sheet that i'd been saving. never mind its giant holes, i knew it'd come to some use! 500 thread count floral crown baby!

these flowers can be used in a variety of ways from style to home decor. i'll do another post soon about the home accessory option using dead sticks!

oh, and btw, i asked the flower gnome in the field at the end of the video and she said i could pick the yellow flowers because she liked my headpiece!

Mr. Kate DIY Fabric Flower Headpiece

Prep It:

  • an old sheet or fabric color of your choice
  • thicker fabric - a felt to match your lighter-weight fabric or a burlap
  • a 3 inch by 3 foot piece of chiffon or a fabric headband for your base
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • tapered lace ribbon (for the other kind of flower)
  • pearls or rhinestones, beads, etc. for the center bling
  • flower option one: cut around a 2 inch strip from your sheet and cut square pieces from the sheet. place a small dab of glue in the center of each square and squeeze all four sides together an twist, creating a little bunch. hot glue 3 to 9 or so bunched squares to a 1 inch piece of thicker fabric (use the scrunched hem of a sheet or a piece of felt, burlap, etc.). add pearls to various areas for more bling.
  • flower option two: cut around a 1 inch diameter, circular piece of felt or burlap. glue the end of a tapered piece of lace ribbon to the center of your felt circle and spiral out from the center with the lace, gluing as you go. trim once you can't spiral any more. glue some pearls or rhinestones in the center of your lace flower for more bling.
  • once you have a bunch of your two different kinds of flowers - the more the merrier, cut around a 3 to 4 inch wide strip from your chiffon of headband base fabric - make sure it is long enough to tie around your head. i used the full yard width so i could make a bow of have the chiffon tails down my back.
  • glue your variety of flowers to the center of your headband strip and out. try on your head as you go so you don't cover the area where you will knot the headband to fasten.
  • let glue dry and tie on your head with a simple knot or bow at the nape of your neck.
Floral Headpiece Outfit:
  • MinkPink lace shorts - from Urban Outfitters
  • American Apparel top
  • thrifted lace camisole
  • Mr. Kate jewelry

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