DIY: gift wrapped in socks

it's always nice to bring a host/hostess gift, right? and if you're like me, wine is usually the easiest go-to when going over to someone's house for dinner, a party, what-have-you. (if they don't drink wine, bring a nice bottle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar or sparkling juice). but take your wine gift to the next level this holiday season with this really quick and easy DIY sock wrap! i got a package of these really soft socks from Walgreens - they came in a pack of 3. so pick one up and have them on hand to cozy up your host/hostess gifts for the holidays!

What You Need:

  • bottle of something special
  • pair of cozy socks
  • card (i used a post card folded in half)
  • tag cut from a paper bag, if you want more decoration
  • ribbons, wraphia, twine, etc. whatever you have on hand
  • hold punch
  • scissors
Do It:
  1. use one sock to clothe your bottle of wine
  2. use your other sock to tie as a bow tie around the bottle neck - tie it in one knot and tuck the ends in to make a bow shape.
  3. cut your tag and ribbons, write your card and punch holes in your cards/tags for the ribbon
  4. wrap your ribbons around the bottle neck and secure your cards to the ribbon through the holes - tie a bow to secure
done! happy holidays!

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