DIY glitter eyes

I've been enjoying experimenting with some new make-up and techniques lately. If you saw my Camera Ready Eye Makeup video, you know that I'm particular about the way I do my make-up for being on camera. But beyond that, it's fun to have fun with makeup looks, especially when it involves glitter! I'm sure your eyes sparkle when you're happy so take inspiration from your own shining light and oomph it up a notch with this easy, glitter eye makeup look!

I recently wore this make-up in the Spanx for asking OOTD post, I think it's suitable for every day or a special occasion…really, when it suits your mood. Glitter also looks great framed on the wall, see DIY Framed Glitter and on your nails!

Prep It:
  • eye shadow primer
  • fine glitter - I use the same ones I use on my nails (see more info in this post)
  • eye shadow in a light and darker color
  • brushes - eyeshadow brush and smudge brush
  • mascara
  • liquid liner
  • eyelash curler (optional)
  • false eyelashes (optional)

  • Use eyeshadow base, a light colored shadow, charcoal shadow (in the crease and outer corners) and liquid liner to create a cat eye - see full steps below.

  • Use eyeshadow base applied in a thick layer on the area of the lid where you want the glitter

  • Dip the same brush in the pot or pots of glitter (I mixed gold and silver) and press the glitter onto the area with the thick eyeshadow base. Use a piece or paper to guard from glitter falling on your cheek.

  • Finish with a coat of mascara!

DO IT! (full list of steps):
  1. prep your lids with eye shadow primer
  2. apply shadow using a lighter color over the whole eye lid and a darker color towards the outside, in the crease and along the edge of the lower lid
  3. use liquid liner to create a cat eye - for more information on my basic eye make-up see this video tutorial
  4. dip eyeshadow brush in eyeshadow primer and apply a thick coat on the area where you want the glitter - I chose the middle and inner area of my upper lid.
  5. dip the same eyeshadow brush in glitter (I chose to use two colors, gold and silver) and press the glitter onto the area of your lid where you previously put the base. Really press and make sure the glitter is sticking so it stays put. Use a piece of paper to guard from the excess glitter falling on your cheek.
  6. Apply a couple coats of mascara and false eyelashes if you want a more dramatic look.

Jewelry featured: Mr. Kate Mini nut ring, Starburst necklace, and Kosmos ring!

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