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A room is only as good as its light sources, as they say. Actually, I don't know if anyone's ever said that, but I am here and now. Windows, lamps, and light fixtures can completely make or break the potential of a space, so it's important to use them wisely. When I was designing a playroom for my friend Audrey's daughters, I wanted to bring in a hanging light above a reading nook that had been set up. Since the other lamps in the room were much more standard and structured, I wanted this corner light fixture to be whimsical, bohemian, and delicate.

And what's more whimsical, bohemian, and delicate than flowers? While this DIY was made for a kids' room, it would look absolutely stunning in any room of the house, or as party decor! Check out the how-to below, and see the light in action in this episode of Mr. Kate Decorates!

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Prep It:

Fake flowers Twine Light cord LED lightbulb (no heat!) Optional: Decorative ribbon, yarn

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Do It!:

  1. Gather together your flowers into the bouquet arrangement you'd like. Keep in mind that they will be hanging upside-down! I found it nice to hang some flowers lower than others, giving the lamp a cascading effect.
  2. Use twine to tie the flowers together tightly. Remember that you're hanging the flowers upside down so periodically flip your bouquet over and make sure you like how it's looking. I chose to wrap the twine around the middle of the flower stalks. Also make sure to leave a very long tail of twine, as this will be wrapped around the light cord that hangs from the ceiling!
  3. Lay the bulb end of the light cord against your now twined together flower bouquet and secure it in place with more twine. Position it in a way that is obscured, but that the lightbulb won't be directly up against any leaves or flowers. When you've found the perfect placement, tie in to the bouquet with twine.
  4. Now bring in your decorative elements! I draped in some pink fluffy yarn, but you can also use ribbon to cover the twine, add a bow, whatever feels right!
  5. Now it's time to light this baby up! Screw in your LED bulb (which is important, since a bulb that produces any heat may be a fire hazard) and plug in to make sure everything is connecting!
  6. Add an anchored hook to the ceiling where you'd like the lamp to hang. I recommend a corner location, since the light cord will need to run back down the wall to the outlet, and a corner is a nice place to hide it.
  7. You can either use the long piece of twine to wrap around the light cord that hangs from the ceiling or keep it separate, looking like two long stems. Whichever looks best to you! Situate your twine, hang your lamp and voila! A beautiful, bright, bohemian light fixture.

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