DIY Hologram Nail Art

I have been dyyying to do this tutorial for you guys! I posted this nail art on Instagram a few months ago and people, understandably, went gaga. It's always nice to look down at my fingertips and see bright patterns adorning my nails and this rainbow glitter hologram mani is just pure happiness, and always puts a smile on my face when I see the light reflecting of my little disco fingers. Best of all, it's completely achievable! I did this look myself, and with this *handy* tutorial, you can, too!

If you're looking for another use for that glitter, make it into some 'DIY Framed Glitter' wall art!

MrKate_HoligramNails_Finals (1 of 32)PREP IT:

(I used at-home gel manicure supplies for this manicure because it lasts much longer. If you want to use regular polish I advise using nail glue to apply the hexagonal glitter and to seal the final design with 2 to 3 layers of a strong clear top coat.)

Gel base coat Clear structure gel polish Flat synthetic nail brush Fine glitter in color, or colors of your choice Hexagonal glitter in color, or colors of your choice Orange stick LED UV light Gel top coat Gel cleanser

MrKate_HoligramNails_Finals (8 of 32) MrKate_HoligramNails_Finals (10 of 32)

Holigram_Nails_instagram (11 of 12) DO IT!

  1. Start with clean nails and apply a gel base coat.
  2. On a paper plate or piece of aluminum foil, mix together the fine glitter and structure gel to create a thick glitter paste. Use a flat synthetic nail brush to apply the glitter base on your nail, making sure to cover the entire surface.
  3. Dip an orange stick into a small dab of structure gel and use it to pick up one piece of hexagonal glitter (that matches your base coat of fine glitter) at a time and apply them to your nails. You won't have to dip the orange stick into the structure gel each time, so this will move pretty quickly.
  4. Let cure under the UV light for 1 minute.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 on each of your nails, fitting as many pieces of hexagonal glitter on each nail and using the fine glitter paste to fill in any gaps around the edges. You don't want the hexagonal pieces to hang off the tips of your nails because they can be sharp.
  6. Top your nails with a thick coat of structure gel, making sure to seal tips as well. Cure under the UV light for a couple minutes. Then, top with a gel top coat and cure one last time. **If you're not using gel polish, use nail glue to apply the glitter, and top with a few coats of a strong top coat.
  7. Use gel cleaner to clean up any sticky residue. Finish with a file to get rid of any rough edges.

Holigram_Nails_instagram (7 of 12)Holigram_Nails_instagram (3 of 12)

MrKate_HoligramNails_Finals (23 of 32)

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