DIY home blessing kit


Some of you may think I'm off my rocker, but I'm totally into smudging. WTF is smudging you ask? It is an ancient Native American practice of burning a bundle of dried sage to cleanse a space of negative energy and make room for new positive vibes...I'm paraphrasing, you can read more about the sacred practice here. I smudge often - when I move into a new home (apartment, house, office, etc.) or after having an argument with someone, to cleanse the bad energy and start fresh. I also love to use crystals around a home, which have calming and cleansing vibrations as well as aromatheraputic essential oils.

With all of the above in mind, I came up with the idea for a DIY Home Blessing Kit that you can give to anyone! It has a bundle of dried sage, a sea shell to catch the ash of the burning sage, a cruelty free feather for wafting the cleansing smoke, quartz crystals and some lavender essential oil which promotes calm and relaxation, all housed in a pretty pouch! Give a Home Blessing Kit as a house warming present or to anyone you know that may need to refresh and recharge.


homeblessingkit-3 Prep It: DO IT!:
  1. Put all of the blessing kit supplies inside the pouch and gift it to your friend/family member/yourself!
  2. Tell them (or include hand-written instructions) to: 1. Light the tip of the sage bundle and let it burng, like incense in the sea shell 2. Use the feather to waft the smoke around various rooms or areas you want to cleanse and think positive thoughts to infuse into the space 3. Arrange the crystals in doorways or near electronics to cleanse harsh vibrations 4. Place drops off essential oils in small dishes or on cotton balls in different rooms to emit a calming scent.
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