DIY meander pattern hat band


I remember drawing this Greek Meander pattern in school. We did it as part of a form drawing block in 2nd grade at my weird hippie Waldorf school and I've since used it as borders on paper and now, on a hat band! We found this hat at The Goodwill for $3.99 without a band. The shape reminded me of the Western hats that are super IN for this Fall/Winter as are bold patterns so ta da, two trends in one super easy DIY!

This meander pattern would also look great on shirt cuffs or a purse strap!

For another fun hat DIY check out: 'DIY: Daisy Hat'



On the shelf at The Goodwill!


Prep It:



I drew this Meander pattern diagram to show you how easy it is to draw or paint the pattern. It's really just a bunch or interconnected L shapes starting with an upside down L attached to a backwards L and then a regular L with a long bottom line and repeat!





Do It!:

  1. Cut your ribbon to the size of your hat with a little overlapping to glue later
  2. Paint the pattern onto the ribbon and let dry - see the drawing diagram above for visual step by step on how to draw the meander pattern - you may want to go over your paint with a second coat so it's nice and solid.
  3. Hot glue the ribbon around the hat - Tip: Use a little glue placed around the circumference of the hat to keep the band from slipping
  4. Model that bad boy around town! Yeeehaw!






Outfit Deets:

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