DIY Minimalist Dreamcatchers


I'm obsessed with these whimsical yet minimalist dreamcatchers and bonus, they're really easy to make! We went with all black since Halloween is coming up and there's something gorgeously eerie about the black feathers but obviously you can get creative and use any color palette to suit your taste! You can even paint the sticks, etc.

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MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-1 Prep It: MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-11MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-22MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-24 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-25

MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-26 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-27 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-28 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-29MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-2 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-3 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-4 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-5 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-6 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-7 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-8 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-9

MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-10MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-12 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-13 Do It!:
  1. Cross your sticks inside the brass hoop to your liking and wrap a medium to thin gauge wire around the stick and hoop to secure in place. Use 4 pieces about 10 inches long each and feel free to mix your metals!
  2. Twist the thicker gauge wire over the top of your hoop to create a loop from which to hang your dreamcatcher.
  3. Use your eye to measure the length of the black cord to hit where you want the feathers. I folded the cords in half and played around with the length and kept the center cords longer than the outer cords. Cut 8 pieces in your desired lengths.
  4. Making sure the cords are evenly spaced, attach the cords with a loop knot around one of the sticks - TIP: hold up your dreamcatcher as you go to make sure the cords are hanging straight down and you like they way it looks.
  5. Cut small pieces of metal wire to attach the feathers. I used about pieces that were about 4 to 6 inches to wrap around the feather and the cord. I used a large feather for every other cord and paired 2 small feathers together in between for a fuller look.
  6. Twist the wire around the feathers and the cord until all the feathers are securely attached. I liked using a little extra wire so I could see some metal detail amongst the black feathers.
  7. Done! Hang your Minimalist Dreamcatcher on a wall, door or anywhere you want to catch those bad dreams and bring in good vibes!


MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-15 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-16 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-17 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-18 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-19 MrKate_DIYMinimalistDreamCatcher-23

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