DIY Modern Abstract Spatula Art

Once upon a time, Joey and I created a DIY abstract marbleized painting to anoint our new kitchen ... and now, we're passing the tradition on! This piece, as completed by married couple Anna Grace and Taylor, is less marbleized than it is modern — trading in swirls and leaks for structure and lines — but that doesn't make it any less of an impressive piece of art that requires no strong painting skills!

Prep It!:

Canvas Beige paints Flat paint brushes Tubes of colored paint Palette Knives

Do It!:

  1. Squeeze out some vertical lines of your different shades of beige paint directly onto the canvas. Using up and down strokes with the flat brushes, paint until the canvas is covered and the colors are blended but not entirely mixed together! You want to have a sort of melted ice cream look.
  2. Let the beige paint layer dry a little before adding the colorful strokes.
  3. When you're ready to get colorful, start with a tube of paint and dab only a little onto the canvas. Drag the paint in either a horizontal or vertical line across the canvas with your palette knife.
  4. Continue this process until you're happy with the colorful art you've created! Let the painting dry, and if you want to make a custom frame for the canvas like we did, follow this tutorial! Hang on the wall and enjoy!

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