DIY nails of the week: fairy grass manicure

it's "where the fairies play!" i loved the image conjured when the smoothie lady said that about my grass/3D flower manicure. it's really an easy technique and can be done with regular or gel polish. watch the video for the quick and easy tutorial!

this manicure is perfect for Summer!

Mr. Kate's DIY Grass Nails aka Where The Fairies Play

Prep It:

  • green polish
  • dark green polish - or make your own like i did using black and green mixed together
  • yellow nail polish
  • thin tapered nail art brush - i got mine in the $8 pack of brushes i blogged about here!
  • top coat
  • other gel supplies if you're using gel (light, cleanser, etc.) see my basic at-home gel manicure tutorial here!
  • whatever 3D nail art you want to add, if any. ex: rhinestones, fimo rod flowers, flower decals, etc.
  1. prep your nails with a clear base coat
  2. using your tapered nail art brush and your dark green polish, paint blades of grass by starting at the base of your nail and dragging upwards so it ends in a point. do a few probably around 5 to 7 blades and cure in the light or let dry if it's regular polish.
  3. next use your bright green to make more blades of grass over the darker green blades. cure or let dry.
  4. use the yellow to do a couple more blades to fill in any gaps and create highlights to your prior blades. cure or let dry.
  5. paint a top coat and cure or let dry.
  6. optional: use a color to make one nail a solid color and embellish with a flower nail decal. or use rhinestones and fimo flowers on a couple nails for some bling. just seal the 3d gem or flower on to your nail with a couple coats of clear gel top-coat. if you're using regular polish, use nail glue and then a top coat of clear.

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