DIY nails: winter wonderland snowflakes

i love these DIY winter wonderland nails because it's a chic twist on snowflake nail art if you use black to create the snowflake shapes. we are all like snowflakes; each one of us unique, so this is an easy nail art technique because there is no perfect! the design is festive but the color combo of black and white will last you into the New Year. all you need is a toothpick and polish to get this totally intricate design...
Prep It:
  • gel nail polish (or regular nail polish) in white (base color), black (for snowflakes), and clear top coat - if you are new to at-home gel manicures and want to try, watch my basic gel mani tutorial.
  • loose glitter
  • toothpicks
  • paint brush or fan brush
all rings by Mr. Kate and i'm wearing the Mr. Kate Scarf #001 in my hair.
Do It!:
  • paint a base color of white (if using gel polish, cure each coat with LED or UV light. if using regular polish let dry before using toothpick.)
  • paint a clear coat- so that the glitter has something to stick to. let it snow by lightly tapping the paint brush dipped in glitter at base of the nail and let it sprinkle up the rest of the nail so it looks like organic snow
  • put a little dollop of black polish on paper plate (easier to access then in the bottle), dip in toothpick
  • make X's with different lengths (always crossing in the middle so it looks like a starburst).
  • add spindles coming off each length of the starburst shape to create the snowflake look
  • add dots at the tip of some snowflake spindles for a more intricate design.
  • use a fresh toothpick for each nail to get a clean line.
  • seal with a top coat

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