DIY ombre tassel garland


Joey and I made a DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland...together! See below for the full how-to for the garland and watch us wear the biggest sweater ever in the video here!

MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-16 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_ Prep It: MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-2 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-3 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-4 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-5 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-6 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-7 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-8 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-9 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-10 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-11 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-12 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-13 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-14 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-15 Do It!:
  1. Fold your tissue paper in half lengthwise.
  2. Now, fold it in half widthwise.
  3. Fold it one more time length wise.
  4. Leaving about 2" at the crease, cut your fringe up the folded tissue paper. Continue until the whole sheet is cut.
  5. Unfold your tissue paper once and cut along the crease.
  6. Unfold again and cut along that next crease. You should now have four separate pieces with fringe on each end.
  7. Roll each piece in the center to form a tube.
  8. Twist the uncut section.
  9. Make a loop and use hot glue to secure it.
  10. Repeat all of the steps until your have the amount of tassels you need for your garland.
  11. You are now ready to string your tassels to your twine and decorate festively!
mrkate_tissuegarland_2 mrkate_tissue_garland_1 MrKate_TogetherSweater_DIYGarland_-16

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