DIY Painted Tapestry Headboard


Most nights when you go to sleep, you only see one moon.

Not enough, I say! What if you could have all of the phases of the moon (also in DIY pendant form), and a painted tapestry that acts a a beautiful headboard substitute? OMG, yes!

Even if you've already got a headboard, there is always room for an artistic tapestry in your life, especially when it's a big canvas of your own art!


Prep It:

Black fabric (cut to the height from the top of your bed to the ceiling) Pencil White acrylic paint Paintbrush Tape measure Nails


Do It!:

  1. The first thing to get your hands on is the fabric! I recommend going to a fabric store and having a piece cut for the length that you need (measured from the top of your bed to the ceiling, plus a little length so it doesn't awkwardly brush the top of your bed.)
  2. Lay your fabric out and use a tape measure as reference for the height visible between your bed and ceiling. Then, find a circle stencil (a plate or a lampshade are good size options), and start sketching out your moon shapes with the pencil.
  3. Once you're done drawing out your moons, it's time to paint! I had some water handy and made sure to paint with a wet brush, so the moons would have more of a watercolor-like consistency and effect.
  4. To give your moons that crater-like texture, dab the paint down with the tip of your brush. Make sure to blend those spots in though, so you're not getting too much of the stamp of the paintbrush in the moon.
  5. When you're done painting all your pretty moons, let the tapestry dry. A good idea would be to iron the backside of the painting when it's dry, which secures in the paint and makes it washable!
  6. Hang your tapestry above your bed with a nail in either corner, then lay back and enjoy your work!

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