diy scarf turban

the scarf turban head-wrap thang was an essential part of the Breezy Tribal Princess look (mentioned before here) that i had dreamt up to be my 'vacation look' while cruisin' the Caribbean. above are photos of me in my DIY scarf wrap while in Cozumel, Mexico and George Town, Caymen Islands. it's such a fun look for going to the beach or being any place tropical or safari-esque, as my friend Jessie Payo put it, i "Badu-ed it." it covers up a bad hair day and you can easily wrap up your wet hair after swimming in the same style...if you don't mind a damp scarf, that is.

DIY Scarf Turban

i used just basic colorful printed scarves. one was very thin with no fringe and the other was a thicker cotton weave with fringe, either kind is fine but i definitely recommend using a thin or cotton/rayon scarf as opposed to a winter scarf....totally different look, that's for the eskimo look.

do it:

1. put your hair in a messy top bun - i just do a top ponytail but don't pull the hair all the way through the elastic on the last wind-around. (this works with my curly hair but you may want a couple bobby pins and messy hairspray if your hair is straight). leave a few tendrils out if you want them around your face. 2. take your scarf and place the middle near your hairline then wrap both ends in opposite directions snugly around your head. wrap up away from your face and towards the base of your bun. 3. once your down to the last little tails of the scarf, tie in a single tie (not a full not, like tied twice because you'll get a bump), then tuck the ends of the tie into the wraps of your turban to secure. i let a little fringe hang out for extra Badu action. put on some dangly tribal earrings and ta da!!!

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