DIY style: jeweled elbow patches

post update! we made a silly, weird, fun video for the DIY jeweled elbow patches... watch it above and make your own bling-y sweaters!

we love the elbow patch trend, and it's no secret that we like jewels - so we married the two, in a non-demoninational, civil union of fabulousness, by creating these be-jeweled elbow patches on a sweater! you can interpret this in your own way - use a sweater in any color, jewels in any color or change up the color of the patches too. imagine denim patches on a camel sweater with white gems! oooooo...

Prep It:
  • sweater
  • fabric glue
  • flat back rhinestones or gems
  • 2 pieces of fabric (we used cotton here from an old t-shirt), cut into an oval shape but you could use felt or denim, etc. whatever scraps you have around.
Do It!:
  1. put a line of glue around the edges of each fabric patch and place it on the sweater, with the sleeve laying flat, where the elbow usually rests. you might want to try on the sweater and mark with a safety pin where your elbow hits on the arm. tip: place it a little bit above the elbow so it is easy to move when you're wearing it!
  2. once the patch of fabric is on, start gluing your rhinestones using the same fabric glue.
  3. keep adding a little bit of glue and as you go add the rhinestones in whatever arrangement you want - we mixed large and small stones in different shapes. tip: start in one corner and make your way across the patch or start in the center and work your way out
  4. wait for it to dry and voila, those are some rock-in elbows!

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