DIY chalkboard sunglasses organizer


Ever wonder if your sunglasses are sad when they're not on your nose? Do they feel unloved just chillin' in a pile? It's time to turn your sunglasses frown upside down! With this DIY you can give your sunglasses a nose to sit on forever more.

Style this DIY to hang over your dresser, in your closet, by your front door or propped up on a vanity table. #LOVE!

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Prep It:
















Do It!:

  1. Using your ruler and pencil, mark evenly spaced dots on the wood board where you will drill and thread the twine. (Note where the sunglasses will sit. I started my marks closer to the left side to leave room for my final nose on the right side with 4 inches between each mark.)
  2. Prop your board up and drill your holes - I used two buckets
  3. On the back evenly measure out where you want to screw in both of the D-ring picture hangers, about 1 1/2 inches down and in from the top corners should do the trick
  4. Screw in the D-ring picture hangers. (If you want to prop up your organizer instead of hanging up you can disregard step 3 & 4.)
  5. Apply two coats of the chalkboard paint onto the board and let dry between coats.
  6. Season the board by rubbing chalk evenly over the completely dried chalkboard paint. (This will allow you to erase the chalk completely without ghosting chalk marks.) Erase!
  7. Loop the twine through the drilled holes and tie in the back of the board.
  8. Label your board as you like with chalk - I wrote "Incognito" because that's how I feel when I wear big sunglasses.
  9. Draw on your noses! Have fun with it and give your noses some diversity. :)
  10. Optional: Hot glue a rhinestone on one of your little noses as a nose ring and shape a small piece of wire into a half circle to hot glue on as a septum nose ring!
  11. Hang or prop up your organizer and display your sunglasses with flair.
MrKate_DIYChalkboardSunglassesOrganizer-28 MrKate_DIYChalkboardSunglassesOrganizer-31

What do you think of this project? Would you make it? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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