DIY thanksgiving centerpiece with grocery store items

i set myself up for the challenge of creating a bountiful Thanksgiving/Autumnal/Holiday centerpiece using only things from the grocery store and drug store (only the candles are from the drugstore). i DIY'd some stuff by gluing beans and split peas to candles and then carved holes in some veggies to create tea light holders!...

Embellished Candles with Split Peas, Lentils and Beans

Prep It:

  • dried beans, split peas, lentils in whatever variety fits with your color scheme
  • craft glue
  • paint brush
  • pillar candle (i got mine from CVS)
  1. paint a section of the candle with the craft glue and let it get a little tacky/sticky
  2. roll or sprinkle the lentils, peas or beans onto the glue area and let dry. you may have to do one side at a time if you have to lay the candle down to dry. the lighter things like split peas can dry vertically.
Vegetable Tea Light Holders - Red Cabbage, Eggplant, Squash Prep It:
  • vegetables or fruit of your choice to fit in with your color scheme
  • small knife - i used a vegetable peeler that had a sharp tip because it was rounded and made carving the holes easy.
  • tea light candles
  1. see where your vegetable sits flat and plan where you can place you tea light candle so that it won't be tilted.
  2. carve a hole in your vegetable with your small knife to fit the tea light. keep checking to see if your tea light fits because you don't want to make the hole too big - it will look messy.
  3. light your candles and enjoy them - at the end of the night, cut off the part of the veggie where the tea light was and use the rest to eat!

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