DIY trail mix

Do you ever eat a handful of trail mix but have to pick out certain things because you wish they weren't part of the mix? I take issue with pre-made trail mix for that reason, I don't really like cashews and they seem to always pop up in trail mix. I also prefer slivered almonds to whole, etc. Basically, I'm a high-maintenance trail mix eater and thus…I DIY my own!

Trail mix is a great healthy snack for on-the-go. Keep a little bag of it in your purse and it will be easier to resist unhealthy snacks if you can curb your hunger with nuts, seeds and dried fruit. If you want to eat less candy, try making an extra sweet trail mix with fruit and coconut and take it to the movies! This is my personal recipe for organic trail mix but obviously you can mix up a batch to only include your most favorite trail-mixy items. I love adding the coconut because it makes it a sweet treat with a tropical twist!

Prep It:
  • 1 package of organic slivered almonds (they can be blanched or roasted depending on your taste)
  • 1 package of organic raisins or I also really like currents (they're lower on the glycemic index)
  • 1 package of organic hulled pumpkin seeds
  • 1 package of organic coconut chips
  • a couple pinches of sea salt (if your nuts etc. aren't already salted)

  1. combine all of your dried ingredients in a bowl and mix together - the amount of each ingredient really depends on your taste. add more or less of certain things to make it more sweet or savory. I usually like to add more nuts and seeds and keep the raisins and coconut as a sweet accent.
  2. add salt to taste and mix
  3. store your trail mix in a plastic bag or glass jar and enjoy a quick, healthy snack!

Check out recipes for other yummy snacks and DIY food here!

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