DIY Upcycled Mosaic Coffee Table

Isn't it great that with a little bit of upcycling magic, you can make any old item in your home (or on the side of the road, or at a flea market) something brand new and personal to you?

I'm not championing low standards when it comes to your furniture, but there is something liberating in seeing something structurally sound and being satisfied with that, because you know you can make it look way, way better yourself. With this coffee table, which was in great shape but suffered from a worn and bubbling exterior, I brought in another common coffee table texture — mosaic — to make it a hybrid piece for a multipurpose space for a couple! So perfect!

Prep It:

Coffee table Half round moulding Hammer Wood nails Liquid nails adhesive Various tiles in the same color (white looks great with black grout!) Black grout Bucket Sponge Towel Miter box Black paint

Do It!:

  1. Cut the moulding to the lengths of the sides of the coffee table, using a miter box to get angled cuts for the ends. Then, frame out the perimeter of the coffee table with the moulding and nail into place.
  2. Lay out your tiles on the top of the coffee table and create a mosaic pattern. If some of the tiles you have don't fit into place, use a hammer to break them into smaller sections to fit!
  3. Use the liquid nails adhesive to secure your tiles in place.
  4. Once the adhesive has dried, apply black grout over the design, spreading it evenly so it gets in the spaces between the tiles. Don't worry too much if your grout gets on the moulding, that's why you're going to paint it afterwards!
  5. Use a damp sponge to wash the excess grout off of the top of the table. Paint the moulding (and the legs of the table, if you so choose!) black to match the grout!
  6. Let everything dry fully and set some decorative items atop your newly designed coffee table!

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