Breaking Beige: The Perfect DIY Vintage Nursery (PART 1)

Yay! Another episode of Breaking Beige! This week we bring you part 1 of the Acosta family's nursery transformation. David and Maggie Acosta are having their second child, a baby boy they will name Nathan! He is joining his adorable three year old sister, Natalie, who is hilarious (as you can see in the video). Our goal is to turn this clutter-collecting room into an oasis for baby Nathan. The problem is David and Maggie can't agree on a color or theme for the room which is why they haven't done anything yet. Maggie wants calm and tranquil with grey tones and David wants Dodger blue with a baseball theme! Can we make them both happy? I hope so!

Watch part 1 above where we install a chair rail and paint the room using BEHR Blue Fir (below the chair rail) and Light Year (above the chair rail)! I think it looks amazing with this new paint job and architectural detail of the moulding. Now we need to decorate! Stay tuned for next week's epsiode to see the finished room!

If you missed the first episode of Breaking Beige, check it out: 'A Delicious Dining Room'




DIY Chair Rail Moulding

Prep It:

  • Moulding of your choice from the hardware store
  • Saw
  • Mitre box - to cut 45 degree angles
  • Nail gun - you can rent one from the hardware store.
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Painters tape
  • Wood putty
  • Light grit sandpaper
  • Two colors of paint - we used BEHR Blue Fir (below the chair rail) and Light Year (above the chair rail) and paint for moulding


  1. Pre paint your moulding outside and let dry.
  2. Measure and use a level and the pencil to draw a line where you want the chair rail installed. You can put a pice of tape over the line (as long as it's more narrow than the moulding or just paint up to the line with each color.
  3. Paint above and below the line with your colors of choice.
  4. Measure each side of the wall (around doors and windows) and cut your moulding pieces to match these measurements. NOTE: Use the mitre box to do 45 degree angle cuts on the ends that will meet in a corner (forming 90 degrees when two pieces meet). Square off and blunt ends, like around windows, by making a 45 degree angle cut (on one side) and a straight angle cut in an inch or so long piece to form a clean end cap.
  5. Nail up your moulding pieces using the nail gun every few inches.
  6. Fill in the little nail holes and conceal any seams in the moulding with wood putty applied with your finger. Let dry.
  7. Sand off any rough putty and patch with your moulding paint color.


Painting a thrift store bookshelf!



Tune in next Sunday to see us finish the nursery in part 2!

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