DIY #WhyNot Rug


You wonderful people know that I always use "because why not!?" and #whynot as a slogan applied to all kinds of creative and self expression pursuits because I think it embodies everything I stand for with the Mr. Kate brand. So for our Mr. Kate booth at BeautyCon Texas this past weekend we needed a last minute rug solution and since we were in Dallas, Texas and coudn't raid our own rugs, we set out to DIY one!

Off to the local Lowes we went where I picked out this $24 off white rug and a can of black spray paint. Back at the hotel, away from the watchful eye of a Dallas cop, we laid out a drop cloth in the parking lot and I went to town "tagging" it up with #whynot. I LOVE how it turned out and thankfully we snapped some pics along the way so I could share it with you all to get inspired for your own DIY impulses.



Prep It:

  • Low pile or woven rug (meaning not a shag rug but one with a short, close together weave or pile). The rug I used was wool.
  • Can of spray paint
  • Drop cloth



Spray painting rugs and my favorite Golden Goose sneakers go together like PB+J! mrkate_whynot_rug_3

mrkate_whynot_rug_6 mrkate_whynot_rug_9 mrkate_whynot_rug_11 DO IT!:
  1. Lay down your drop cloth and rug outside or in a well ventilated area
  2. Shake your can of spray paint and free hand write whatever graffiti letters you want. I chose to write "#whynot" over and over and sign it with an "xo" at the end. Tip: it works best if you hold the can about 6 inches away from the rug to get a direct stream and a bold line for the letters. If you're too far away with the spray nozzle it will mist the surrounding area of the rug.
  3. Let it dry and style in your space!
mrkate_whynot_rug_10 whynot_rug_mrkate_booth


Instagram posted by wilddflowerr92


What do you think? Please comment below and let us know! xo

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