Free Doodles BeautyMarks Wallpapers for your Mobile & Desktop Devices!


Since they came out a few weeks ago, the hand-drawn Doodles BeautyMarks instantly became my favorite way to add a little flair and fashionable decoration to my life. We have put BeautyMarks on nails, plant pots, bathroom accessories and more but, in the nature of temporary tattoos, there is a limit to the ways and places you can put these designs without putting water somewhere it really shouldn't be

Like your phone! Or your computer! Just because those technological devices could be decked out in Doodles the traditional way didn't mean they shouldn't have some of the fun! So ... I present to you the Doodles BeautyMarks Backgrounds! If you click on the images in this post, you can download the full-size image to fit your mobile or desktop screen.

So what will you have — a smorgasbord of stars, a flurry of fast-food, or a pretty too-the-point rainbow?!

Doodles_Mrkate_Phone (1 of 5)Doodles_Display Doodles_Mrkate_DOWNLOADHEREDoodles_Mrkate_Phone (3 of 5)mobile_doodle MRKATE_Phone_Doodles_QueenUni MRKATE_Phone_Doodles_Junkfood MRKATE_Phone_Doodles_Slay MRKATE_Phone_Doodles_RandomMRKATE_Phone_Doodles_SnapmeDino MRKATE_Phone_Doodles_SometimesalluMRKATE_Phone_Doodles_PerfectBananaMRKATE_Phone_Doodles_rainbowDoodles_Mrkate_Computer Doodles_Mrkate_Phone (2 of 5)Doodles_Mrkate_Screen_junkfoodDoodles_Mrkate_Screen_Sometimesalluneed Doodles_Mrkate_Screen_PerfectBananaDoodles_Mrkate_Screen_starsDoodles_Mrkate_Screen_Slaykitty Howto_Doodle_Screen Doodles_Mrkate_Screen_RainbowDoodles_Mrkate_Screen_HappyfoodDoodles_Mrkate_Phone (5 of 5)

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