How to Set a Whimsical Spring Brunch Table

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It's almost Easter! This most sweet springtime holiday is a hallmark of many people's childhood memories. It's such a great way to bring people together to enjoy the steadily-improving weather and celebrate the official start of brunch season. This time of year is as notorious for its decadent breakfast/lunch hybrid spreads as it is for its delightfully manic egg hunts. Though I gave up on crawling through bushes many a moon ago (now reserved only for when I accidentally fling a ring somewhere), I still very much enjoy a beautiful brunch. So that's what we've created here using the DIY BeautyMarked Eggs too!

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The whole theory behind this table is that everything edible doubles as decor! The hardboiled eggs have been spared the vinegary dyeing process, a heaven send for those who, like me, are slightly off-put by being asked to eat a vaguely blue-tinged egg white. Instead, they're bedazzled with BeautyMarks and set up in adorable DIY nests. Use a paint pen to write the name of your guest on the ceramic pot to make them into adorable name tags!

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Add a rustic element to your table by cradling cocktail-filled mason jars in a metal ice bin. The twine on the jars and thyme branches in the drinks bring in pieces of nature to a polished and pretty table setting, also tying in the moss from the DIY egg nests and any flower bouquets you might want to display (which I recommend!)

MrKate_EasterTable_Blog (14 of 38)MrKate_EasterTable_Blog (30 of 38)MrKate_EasterTable_Blog (15 of 38)Speaking of flowers, this toast is pretty much the perfect brunch treat! I love the idea of using a food as part of your table-scape. Simply slice and toast some sourdough bread (or whatever is your favorite kind), spread on some cream cheese, and top with edible flowers. The deep purples, reds, and bright oranges aren't colors usually seen in brunch food (unless you're eating Fruity Pebbles) so bringing them in in an organic way really makes the meal pop as much as the decor!

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